Forget that you lose 1kg by just working out..

Sorry to say this, if you have a normal job and think that you will be able to workout yourself thin unless you change your diet as well.

It has to be by eating healthier and fewer calories

To lose 1kg you need to burn 7000 calories so an average person burning 8-10 calories per min, that means he have to spend 12.83 to 16.04 hours working out that week, that’s a fare bit for an average person since they may do just 2-3 sessions a week equal with 45 min each time. So unless he or she is very determined to reach their goal, it will most likely not happen just by working out.

There are people who will be swearing that they been losing weight by sticking to a special diet, like Atkinsons or Paleo or maybe 5-2 diet, yes there are many people who have actually seen really good results, So by sticking to a special diet they will be eating a lot less then what they ate before but not realizing the amount of calories they been eating before.
Will they be able to stick to that weight? Most likely not, when they start eating there normal food the kg will most likely creeps back again, the diet needs to be sustainable.

But all of the results are made by determent people, who want to change something about their lives and some are.
But it comes down to creating a calorie deficit if you want to lose weight.

So instead try to cut off 500-600 cals/day with your food intake so you may lose 0.5kg that week.
1 Skip that latte and maybe go for a black coffee instead.
2 Always avoid diet/ normal soda.
3 Drink less alcohol.
4 Smaller portions for each meals.
5 Biggest meal for lunch.
6 Aim for 0.5kg weigh loss a week.

Those kg didn’t come on in a week and should not come off in a week.

So healthy eating and workout goes hand in hand
Physical activity have a lot of benefits as we all knows, like, lower your blood pressure, blood sugar, strengthen your immune system, you feel better, better posture, can take stress better, etc and the best muscle you have, is your heart and that gets stronger when you are working out.

Some tough realizations: There are no quick-fix-diet, no one food you can or cannot eat, that have magical slimming power. That person who comes up with that pill will be without doubt the wealthiest person on the planet over night. Find a way of eating that can be sustained for the rest of your life, where you eat healthy most of the time and allow for occasional splurges.
You can’t go back to old habits once the weights shreds off, you need to stick to a healthy path.

Take care of the best machine you ever will have, Your own body.
Eat right energy and your body will thank you

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