Day 2 - My Fitness Level Has Expired or Should I Say I Have Seen Better Days

My fitness level has increased with 100% since yesterday.
I manage to fit in a gym session this morning when a client canceled our meeting.
So i did legs, back and triceps and stomach today, it is a great feeling that you manage to get back to something you have been missing, so the endorphins a going thru the roof.
My legs felt very weak when i walked down the stairs though.

It was not as many gym rats this morning so it was a very nice experience, don’t get me wrong, i like people but now in the beginning when i have just started my routines is good to be able to go from one station to another without have to wait or share or go to the next exercise.
Later when it all comes back to me and i can change easy with some other routines.

Its just nice to be in the gym when everyone is there for same or at least almost the same reason but i think most of us feel like we belong to a group that sharing the same philosophy and even if i do not know a lot of them personally its good to see that they still recognize me even if its been 6 months.

After my session this morning i feel much happier the whole day and actually got a lot more done at work, so no more excuses.

Sitting and listening to Queen Hot Space, Awesome

Lets see what tomorrow brings, maybe another gym session.

Saturday: This morning my body clock didn’t wake me up as normal, it was my son that came in and told me to get up, I tried to get my sleep out of my eyes and just lifting my arms was a big problem, when i then tried to get out of bed, my whole body was aching.
So today has to be a rest day, thats for sure and with this much pain something tells me that tomorrow Sunday has to be a rest day as well.


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