My Fitness Level Has Expired. Or Should I Say That I Have Seen Better Days?

I have had way to many things at work, too many visitors and events and i have a family that i prioritizing before any workout.

I have always manage to do my workout in the morning and now when i wake up at 05.30 i have two kids that i wait for to wake up and to play with instead, Yes,i know, it should still be time for at least 2 or 3 gym sessions a week since the day have got 24 hours

The other day i was walking up next to the escalator and realized that i was almost out of breath, then i said to my self that i really need to do something about my fitness So now a few days later, I finally manage to pack my bag in the morning and bring it to work, so i have not got any excuse to put this on hold for any longer.

I have managed to squeeze in two small gym sessions since the 26th of October, that’s almost on the day 6 months.

For me that’s really not what i want anyone to do but it seams that time is going so fast. I have always done a lot of exercise in my life and fit in 4-5 sessions per week with a bike class or a Body Pump session and some core exercise.

So when i came to the reception in the gym i start getting nervous of what i will do in the gym. There were no classes; since the gym will expand so the only floors that was open were the cardio floor and the weights floor, hmm

I have always found it a little bit odd to try to lift weights even though i am an old personal trainer, i feel like everyone is looking at me and think that why is he lifting that tiny weights, what is he wearing? Shouldn’t he be more fit then that, anyway I went in to have a fight with the weights and all of the testosterone men. Yes i did feel like that even then i am being a gym rat for so many years. I have always said that i want a body that is fit for an every day life and not like a body builder. That’s at least my excuse not to lift heavy.

So i manage to fit in some chest and biceps and also some core workout. I don’t want to over do it i said but i am still sore this morning in my arms, chest and stomach, that’s such a great feeling, need to keep this going, so maybe a cardio session or a leg session today? No more excuses, the bag is packed, so here comes the new old me, i hope it will last for a while so i can manage to get back in shape.

I have manage to binge drink and also over eaten plenty of times for the last 6 months, eaten way to much chocolate and chips for my own good. However i am still the same weight as before since i do know what to eat all the other days. I know that 80% of your success of keeping your weight or lose weight is to eat right.

Have a fab Friday, Martin

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