Meeting Martin
and going on the
Eat Right Food Programme is one of the best things
I have ever done.

Andrew Clark – Expat

I’d even go so far as to say it was a life saver.

When we met I was leading a pretty active lifestyle – rowing for the RHKYC, regularly going to the gym and doing loads of walking – as you do in Hong Kong. But there was a problem. I wasn’t loosing weight – and I needed to. I had convinced myself that the more exercise I did the more I could eat, and of course I wasn’t counting the alcohol I was consuming.

Something had to change. So I made the commitment and went on the Food Programme, initially for one month. And guess what. The kilos started dropping off.

I would highly recommend the food program to anyone who wants an easy and effective way to loose weight. The food choices are extremely tasty. I never got bored with the meals and I never felt hungry. If I upped the exercise, Martin would increase the quantity of food so I wasn’t looking for extra food outside the Food Programme. And the cost worked out about the same as I was spending on food anyway.

It’s a great way to loose weight and keep it off – I lost 12kg in two months and kept it off!